Reviews and Testimonials


Highly Recommended!

Nov 02, 2015 by Barb & Jeff Sunden


Fantastic Work! Timekeepers were so professional shooting the video for our wedding. Very professional and well mannered. Great job guys!


Feb 18, 2015 by Carla D'Rozario

Eight years after our wedding, we are grateful to have our wedding video to remember the beautiful day! Several feet of snow were on the ground, and Nathan still arrived at the church before we did. He unobtrusively captured small special moments before and after the wedding ceremony. Our Mass was especially long, and Nathan was attentive the whole time.
What I most appreciated about our experience with Time Keepers is Nathan's kindness and easy going nature. He was professional and so easy to work with. He gave us choices, such as what music we'd like to add to our video, while making the process very simple for us.
If you are looking for a videographer to who offers a professional yet pleasant and easy experience with a quality product, then Nathan is the clear choice!


Great professionalism.

Jan 13, 2013 by Kelly Rice

I have worked with Nathan on several projects for our agency clients. He is very easy to work with and produces excellent videos (commercials, web videos, training videos) for our clients. Thank you, Nathan.


Most important day of our lives

Jan 13, 2013 by Brandy Voight

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on our wedding video! We just watched it and I have put it back in the DVR twice since then! When we first started budgeting and planning we toyed with the idea of getting a videographer. Of course my husband said that it wasn't necessary and I knew that we were already over budget. But as time grew closer I realized how much planning I had done for my wedding day and how little of it I would get to see, enjoy and remember. I wanted to capture those moments not only in photos but in video also. It is nice to see movement in your dance, your dress, and to witness the ceremony and your vows again. We are so glad that we finally decided (last minute) to get a videographer! It was well worth the money to be able to see our wedding day again and see not only things that we missed out on, but also our guests enjoying the day! Watching the video was extremely exciting and emotional for us.....it lets you re-live the day again, but stress free! I would recommend anyone that is unsure of hiring a videographer to definitely decide to get one and to go with timekeepers productions. Nathan was very professional and captured every little detail of our wedding! He also listened to me and what was important to us to highlight in our video, and put it together well! I love the wrap-up/montage at the end because the video is long, and people who only want to see a brief segment you can show this and they see in less than 10 minutes a little piece of every part of the wedding! I do not regret spending the money, even though there was little left. If I had to do it again, I definitely would!! Thank you Nathan again, for doing such a wonderful job on capturing the most important day of our lives!!


New favorite moments!

Jan 13, 2013 by Ed & Jen Hammer

Ed and I were married on August 28th 2010, and it was an absolutely perfect day. As soon as we started planning Ed insisted on having the wedding video recorded. After meeting with you and seeing your sample videos it didn’t take long to decide to have the entire day documented! Ed and I both agreed, you only get married once and we wanted to be able to look back on our special day!

I couldn’t wait for the photography and the videography to be finished after the wedding! Unfortunately, there was a huge problem with our photographer and we lost almost all the pictures from our big day. As you know, Nathan, you were kind enough to work with the photographer and we were able to recover some photographs from your video production. Finally, through your photos and those from Family and Friends and the few recovered from our Wedding Photographer we were presented with a beautiful album early this December from my Mother.

My Mother-in-Law battled Cancer from November 2008 through all the wedding planning and thankfully, was strong enough to be at our wedding. We have plenty of loving, happy memories from that day captured on our video. She looked great and full of spirit; she shared moments with me, from getting ready, to the limo ride to the church and was able to have a mother-son dance with my Husband. My Mother-in-Law lost her battle with cancer this December, only a few days before Christmas. Words cannot explain how thankful I am to have such a wonderful video to share with our Family.

Thank you for being so helpful and sincere. We have all ready watched our wedding video a dozen times with friends and family, and find new favorite moments each time! Thank you!

Outstanding job!

Jan 13, 2013 by Josh & Bridget Wilkinson

Nathan, we just wanted to thank you for doing such an outstanding job on our wedding video! You completely exceeded our expectations and the video is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for capturing this memory in such a great way! We hope to do business with you again soon. We'll be sure to recommend you to our friends. Thank you so very much!

Thank you.

Jan 13, 2013 by Kassi

Working with Nathan was a great experience. Him and his staff are very professional and we felt comfortable with them videotaping us for almost the entire day. Nathan stayed in constant communication with us to ensure everything went smoothly and is very pleasant to work with. I'm glad we made the decision to hire Nathan, there are so many moments we missed on our wedding day and we were able to recapture them when watching the video. Thank you.

You Rock!

Jan 13, 2013 by Josh & Lindsey Libby

My husband and I absolutely love our video and couldn't be happier with all the footage. We ended up not having great wedding photos so this DEFINITELY made up for that and we are so thankful. How fun is it to relive the most amazing day of your life over and over again. I think that every time we have a family gathering, we make it a point to watch the video. You don't think that your day will go by so fast and that you will see everything that goes on, but you don't and the day just flies by. Nathan made sure that he got absolutely every little piece of footage possible so my husband and I could enjoy all the details of the amazing day. When my mother talked about a wedding video, my husband kept telling me how silly it was and that it wasn't worth the money and I told him to just be patient and that it would be awesome. After receiving the video, my husband told me over and over again how wonderful it was and that he was so glad that we went with it!!! I cant express enough how thankful we are for all the hard work Nathan and his helpers put into this video. It made our day so much more memorable and we will cherish our video for years and years to come. Weddings are expensive and there are so many places that you can cut back in order to have something as special as a wedding video. We cant thank you enough for the memories that you have given us, and I will send everyone I know who is getting married your way!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

Job well done

Jan 13, 2013 by Ross & Erin

Ross & I loved our video and once again want to thank you for a job well done. Your work is excellent! We are so glad we decided on having a videographer. We would have regretted it after the wedding if we didn't choose you. You were very professional and easy to work with before, after and on our wedding day. Thank you for making our special day so memorable.

We love it!

Jan 13, 2013 by Ashley & Jason

Thank you for our video...it was beautiful and we loved how it was set up. It was nice to see things I would have never remembered. Thanks again!



Jan 13, 2013 by Peggy & Buzz

Thanks again for all that you did. My goodness, it amazes me how you must have to adapt to so many different types of situations. But you seemed to handle it all so well.


Jan 13, 2013 by Amber & Ryan

Absolutely LOVE my video...PERFECT. There are so many things I there that I would have missed!! Everyone that has seen has loved it. You do a great job. Thank you so much.....you were great to work with!!!! Hope to talk to ya soon!!!!


Jan 13, 2013 by Carla & Rahul

Thank you for our beautiful and meaningful wedding video! Although you have not solicited a letter, we’d like to share with your prospective clients how pleased we are with your services.

With the commercialization of weddings, expenses mount quickly. We nearly decided that a video just wasn’t worth the money when we were already investing in photographs. We are grateful that we decided otherwise and chose you, Nathan, as our videographer. After just receiving and viewing our video, we realize that, with Time Keepers, a professional wedding video is not commercialized or an “over the top” expenditure. The investment we made in our wedding video has already yielded high returns. Weeks into our marriage, viewing our wedding day together as husband and wife allows us to reflect on the thoughts, feelings, and celebrations that marked the beginning of our journey of Matrimony. You provided us with a quality video that authentically recorded our wedding day from the time we arrived at the church to our reception. In the video you personally created for us, the day flowed seamlessly, complete with the background music we requested. By capturing our Wedding Mass with excellent footage, sound, and transitions, you preserved the sacredness of the wedding so we will be able to relive it each anniversary. Watching our wedding in third person brought tears and laughter.

In addition to delivering a quality product, you are a joy with whom to work. While wedding planning can be an overwhelming task, your professionalism, kindness, and positive attitude made it a pleasure to do business with you. You were willing to meet and took the time to answer questions when we were still exploring whether to do a video. You communicated efficiently, clearly, and respectfully, always responding to e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner. You ensured you were well prepared by making it the rehearsal. You were responsible and reliable, arriving to the church early on the day of our February wedding, following the biggest snowstorm in years!!

It’s evident that videography is what you really love to do, and we hope that your business continues to grow, built upon the honest and personable service you provide. Thank you for preserving our memories.

Thank you!

Jan 13, 2013 by Claire Brown

We were unsure of whether we wanted and could afford a quality video of our wedding day. After we met with Nathan from Time Keepers Productions, and after we saw all of the wonderful things with a video keepsake, Nathan took it a step further going above and beyond before, during, and after our wedding day. He and his crew did an amazing job of capturing every moment of our big day. Today and forever, we have something we can share and revisit for years to come. Thank you Nathan and Time Keepers Productions! Thank you!!

Attention to detail

Jan 13, 2013 by Debbie & Steve Norfleet

I met Nathan at the Bridal Expo at University Plaza & really liked his attention to detail on a demo DVD. What I did not know then, was just how incredible my daughter Linsey's wedding & reception would be captured on DVD by Nathan. His work is second to none. It is extremely professional from beginning to end, and he delivers exactly what he promises. He did a spectacular job with color & clarity, as well as the sound, and his work will be a forever keepsake to treasure by our entire family. This is by far the best money spent, for our daughter & son-in-laws wedding.

We loved it!

Jan 13, 2013 by Jillian

We LOVED it!! We absolutely could not be any happier with the quality and content of the video. We appreciate all of your efforts and it was amazing to work with you! We will definitely recommend you to anyone that we know is looking for a videographer.

Thank you for everything!

Amazing job!

Jan 13, 2013 by Jennifer

Scott and I watched the video this weekend with my parents. You did an amazing job. I love the videos. You captured all of the wonderful moments of the day and more! The music goes so perfectly as well. Words can't explain what it means to me that you were able to capture our day and that we will have that forever. Thank you so much for all that you did! I will definitely recommend you to my friends who are getting married next summer! Thank you again!

Thank you!

Jan 13, 2013 by Jamie & Joe

I would personally like to express my great appreciation for the work that Nathan and Time Keepers do. When it comes to being a bride there are so many decisions to make and so much money to spend. I decided to talk with Nathan about a wedding video two weeks before my wedding. Nathan was great. It turned out that he was available for my wedding day and with the nice customer service that he provided, I decided to book. I could not be happier. Everyone will tell you that your wedding day flies by; well I did not believe it until my wedding day was here. Everything does go really fast, but with Nathan and timekeepers, we were able to relive the memories over and over. If you are going to cut costs during your wedding, do not let the video be an area that you cut. Now that my wedding is in the past, it is my absolute favorite decision that I made. The favors and accessories don’t even come close to the feeling I have about the wedding video. I’ve watched it several times.

I searched all over for a videographer and I am here to tell you that for the price and professional service, you can not beat Timekeepers. They have several cameras that get many different angles or your wedding and reception. We also had our reception taped. It was wonderful, there are so many times that you as a bride are busy doing things, that you miss parts of the ceremony and reception. With the wonderful coverage that Nathan and his team provided, we were able to capture and cherish those moments. I would highly recommend Timekeepers for any event. They have a wonderful professional attitude and you will not be disappointed.

Wonderful job

Jan 13, 2013 by Miki

You did a wonderful job capturing the day! You do just a wonderful job! Casey and Adam were very pleased. They were able to take Adam's parents copy to his folks this weekend and share it with his grandmother who was unable to attend the wedding. She said if felt like she was there! Viki and Casey's friends are starting to march down the aisle so they will definitely steer some business your way! Thanks again for everything!


Jan 13, 2013 by Ross & Erin

Ross & I loved our video and once again want to thank you for a job well done. Your work is excellent! We are so glad we decided on having a videographer. We would have regretted it after the wedding if we didn't choose you. You were very professional and easy to work with before, after and on our wedding day. Thank you for making our special day so memorable.
We loved our video!

Jan 13, 2013 by Kisha
We LOVED our video!! I have watched it 3 times and my mom has watched it 4 times! Everyone loves it. You did a great job...everytime we watch it, we find something else that we love! Thank you so much for all of the little things and the attention to detail that you showed. Thank you so much...we were all more than pleased and I have/will recommend you to anyone in need of videography! Just let me know about the extra dvd's. Thanks!

Very Happy

Jan 13, 2013 by Elizabeth

I was very happy with my experience with Time-Keepers. My fiancé and I had started the process of speaking to various wedding videographers during the planning stages. We had spoken with Nathan and I remember being impressed with his flexibility in terms of what I wanted my video to look like. After taking a serious look at our budget, we decided that we had already spent enough money on pictures and were just going to have a friend record our wedding with their camcorder.

About a week before the wedding, my future in-laws surprised us and said that they had hired Time-Keepers to shoot our wedding video. Now, that I’ve seen the video, I can’t believe we ever made the decision not to hire a videographer. Pictures are beautiful and essential to capturing your day, but we’ve found that the wedding video is every bit as essential. My dad gave a beautiful toast and there were funny and touching moments throughout the day that we would have missed had it not been for Time-Keepers. The video was edited beautifully and it was obvious that a lot of effort went into making it flow well.

If you’re a bride or groom and trying to decide whether or not to have a videographer, I would highly recommend it. Down the road you’re going to want those moments captured on film, and it’s so much more touching when it’s edited beautifully and set to music as opposed to having a friend just get it down on film on a camcorder. Nathan and his assistant, Tom, are very polite and you’ll enjoy working with them.


Jan 13, 2013 by Abby

It's is AMAZING, FIRST CLASS, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! What an awesome thing to have, thank you so much Nathan!