Wedding Videos

Holding Hands

Congratulations on your engagement!

Time-Keepers Productions wants to help you enjoy one of the most beautiful days of your life! As the day gets

crazy and everything seems to be happening at 100 mph, we are here to capture all of the precious moments that

you will want to share for a lifetime!
As innovative videographers, we capture all of the special details, moments and emotions that you will share

with family and friends on your wedding day! Once we have captured it all, we use our creative energy to provide

you with an incredible dvd that will allow you to relive your wedding day!

We have shot over 1100 hours of wedding footage over the years so we have seen how stressful this day can be, so

Time-Keepers will take care of every detail as if it were our very own wedding. This includes meeting with you

prior to the wedding to create a perfect wedding day plan.
Here are some of the things we can do on this special day:

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Pre- Wedding Ceremony:

        Getting ready
        Guest arrival
        Guest Book
        Church decoration
        Bride & Groom arrivals

Wedding Ceremony:

We use multiple cameras and special mics to capture perfect sound during the ceremony.

        Mothers Lighting Candle
        Bridal Party Entrance
        Father Giving Away Bride
        Wedding Vows Exchange
        Ring Exchange
        First Kiss Bride & Groom
        Scripture Reading
        Unity Candle
        Special Songs
        Presenting New Bride and Groom
        Meet & Greet
        Church Exit


        Bride and Groom Introductions
        First Dance
        Cake Cutting
        Garter & Bouquet Toss
        Father Daughter Dance
        Mother Son Dance
        Special Dances

Other Memorable Moments:

        Special Request
        Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner
        Your Love Story
        Saying “Yes to the Dress”
        Ring Purchase
        Grooms Outings


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